Monday, May 17th – classes back in session

Dear Families: Happy Thursday!
We sure are missing everyone here at the school. Looking forward to having everyone back on Monday, May 17th. Here are some of the things that are happening over the next few weeks.
** 30 days of classes until the summer break **
Monday, May 17 – classes back in session
Wednesday, May 19 – Early dismissal for student conferences
Thursday, May 20 – Hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
-Chicken alfredo & caesar salad (was missed)
Thursday, May 20 – Early dismissal for student conferences
We hope that all families were able to access the online booking page and were able to pick a conference time that works for you.
Friday, May 21 – NI Day – classes not in session
Monday, May 24 – Victoria Day – classes not in session
May 25 – Clubs start back up
Friday, May 28 – Hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
– beef burritos
Friday, June 11 – Hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
– beef sliders
Friday, June 18 – Hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
– chicken caesar wraps (this was missed)
Friday, June 25 – Hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
– cheese pizza


Hello Nakusp Elementary families and friends,

It has been another busy few weeks at NES. 

The school held a great open house with Parent meetings regarding new reporting methods centred on Fresh Grade.  The school also raised funds for tech in the school.  We are currently putting in projectors into each class and the funds will be directed towards this

Class review meetings have been held with all teachers except for Kindergarten and resources have been allocated accordingly.  We now have 7 EA’s, 1 classroom support teacher fte working with primary, 1 learning resource teacher working with intermediate, and 1 counsellor working across the grades.  I am confident that we are providing support to all students at very high levels compared to provincial standards.

Intramurals have started for the intermediate grades. Monday and Wednesday lunches have teams facing each other. Our four teams are: Cheeky Chirpy Chickens, Wild Winning Wolves, Rockin Rhinos, and Funky Flamingoes.

The running club (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) and yoga club (Wednesday afternoon) continue to operate and many students have enjoyed these opportunities.  Karate(Tuesday afternoon)  and Ski Club dryland training (Thursday afternoon) are also opportunities for children.

We had a visit from the amazing Ruploops performer Tuesday October 17th.  Despite a crazy storm and lack of electricity, he visited all of our student and provided great learning entertainment in classrooms throughout the school. This was a testament to the flexibility of our staff.

The Nakusp volunteer fire department hosted fire prevention activities for our Primary classes on Wednesday October 18th, 2017.  They shared valuable information and lots of goodies with our students. 

Eileen Pearkes (author) is visiting the school today to give a presentation on her new book to intermediates 

We have Parent conferences coming up next week on the 24th and 25th with early dismissal at 1:58 to accommodate this.  Child minding in the Bonnington will be provided by PAC from 2:00 until 5:00 for parents who want to attend Parent Conferences.   

Students in grades 4 and 7 will be completing the Foundation Skills Assessments over the next few weeks. 

We have a great with the atmosphere in our school right now. Although there have been some bumps along the road, our staff has really come together to provide the best possible services for our children.

Best Regards,

Mike Hibberson